Perception Audits

A well-planned and insightful perception study is an important and powerful management tool from a strategic communications planning perspective. Being aware of the views and expectations of stakeholders, especially those within the investor and the media community, assists companies in clarifying, rectifying or reinforcing their messages to the market. The objective of the perception audit is to ensure that the company’s investment proposition is understood, allowing the market valuation of its shares to reflect the company's growth and future prospects.

In an increasingly activist investor environment it is important that management know how investors view their company in relation to the industry and its peers. The perception audit will allow management to better understand the market’s level of understanding of the investment proposition as it will ultimately impact the rating of the company’s shares. Understanding how investors perceive the company is invaluable in a capital markets transaction and a regular perception study exercise can be a useful resource in a defence scenario.

Tulchan’s strong heritage in financial and corporate communications and experience in perception audit work for reputable brand names makes us well placed to be your strategic partner in the planning and execution of this highly recommended exercise.

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