Investor Relations

With the increasing number of listed companies in major stock exchanges across Asia, competition for investor attention and capital is intense. Companies need to work harder than ever to build awareness and trust with both institutional and retail investors. Further, the challenge has been made more complex with the increased sophistication of investors who demand greater access to management, increased transparency and information.

In this changed landscape, management must devote increasing time and resources to Investor Relations. Tulchan has a strong team with diverse backgrounds combining international and local experience, and we are experts at advising our clients how to communicate professionally and build their reputations.

We work with our clients to craft their investment case and build support for it in the capital markets. We offer advice on all aspects of financial reporting and communication, from earnings releases and Annual Reports to Investor Relations websites. We also help our clients formulate and execute programmes with investors, analysts and financial media, providing these stakeholders with a deeper understanding of our clients’ fundamentals, positioning, and future prospects, resulting in wider, better informed coverage and better support for a fair valuation.

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